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Introducing Aquafarm: our brand new interface for all things OCTO

OCTOBRRR is humming along nicely as planned, our DeFi Dashboard is live at app.octo.fi, and it’s soon to be so much more…

Track your portfolio, find new investment opportunities, buy and sell directly, and in future, interface with oracles tentacles.

There’s loads of updates on the way and exclusive incentives for OCTO governance token holders.

OctoFi - DeFi dashboard for decentralized finance tentacles | Product Hunt

Our Product Hunt (PH) launch went incredibly well thanks to the support of our amazing community.

We couldn’t help but include this video embed on PH after EllioTrades (no affiliation) mentioned us on his YouTube channel. 😂

We were pleasantly suprised to not only be FEATURED on the home page, but also achieving #5 Product of the Day!

You’re still welcome to upvote if you like… The more upvotes we get, the better visibility we enjoy.

OctoFi - DeFi dashboard for decentralized finance tentacles | Product Hunt

After such a warm welcome for our initial release, we’re excited to dive into the Aquafarm with you.

Here’s a quick rundown on the platform’s current features, what we’re working on now, and what’s planned for the future.


First thing you’ll see when visiting app.octo.fi is the login page to connect your wallet.

We allow you to connect with many of the popular wallets, including MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, and thanks to Wallet Connect, everyone’s favourite mobile wallets too.


Once connected, you’ll arrive at the dashboard where you get a simple overview of your account and its performance.

Keep track of the assets in your wallet, deposits, debts, and the different DeFi platforms you’ve interacted with.


By clicking through to the Invest tab, you’ll be presented with thousands of investment opportunities.

You can discover many different pools to participate in as a liquidity provider, or click on “Invest” and add your own.


The final tab we’re announcing with this release is the Exchange, which provides easy access to Uniswap protocol.

If you are looking for our Interest Program, you can find the full details here, and it will soon be integrated with the new dapp.

What’s next?

OCTOBRRR is just getting started, here’s what we’re currently working on bringing to Aquafarm:

  • Enable feature to only allow access to OCTO holders
  • History tab to display all of your Wallet transactions
  • Implementing TokenSet into the investment opportunities
  • Integrating our Snapshot.page governance into the UI
  • Dark / light mode for those DeFi late nights
  • Explore tab
  • First Beta version of Oracle aggregation (tentacles) as crypto market overview and price feed
  • Fiat on-ramp into DeFi

We will also soon release our roadmap for Octomask, the one and only browser plugin for ALL DeFi investment opportunities.

OctoMask will have you covered, whether on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, EOS, Bitcoin DefiChain, and we’ll continue adding new chains (let’s make it to 8, the most octomized number of all 😂).

Get involved

Aquafarm is completely open source and is a work in progress. We invite you to follow along as we ‘work in public’ on its rollout.

You can get involved by grabbing yourself some $OCTO, participating in governance (gasless and absolutely free), and providing feedback as part of our thriving community.

Oh, and don’t forget to save our poster (below)…

PS. None of this is Finantacle Advice. Do Your Octopus Research #DYOR.

Community-owned ____base of DeFi?

Investing in decentralized finance from a platform you own is just the beginning.

🐙 Your beloved app.octo.fi is rapidly evolving to contend with our centralized counterparts...

👋 If you're new here, we strongly advise dyor.octo.fi for an introduction to the project.

🛣️ Then dive into todo.octo.fi to gain a deeper understanding of what's under the surface.

🔮 You'll soon learn how aggregation paves the way for decentralized finance oracles tentacles.

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