Tentacles, the War on Rugs, and our biggest Aquafarm release yet!

Tentacles, the War on Rugs, and our biggest Aquafarm release yet!

Our blog is evolving to become the home of three things:

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  3. Recap-topuses

When it comes to recaps like this one, we do a quick news roundup of what’s happened recently, including new integrations, product updates, and community governance outcomes.

If you want to stay up to the minute with the latest, we’ve setup a few short links especially for you:

  • news.octo.fi: Our Telegram Channel is where we make announcements as they happen, and we also share most of them on Twitter.
  • log.octo.fi: The Changelog on our docs website provides a simple overview of all of our latest software updates.
  • tg.octo.fi: Our Telegram Group is filled with an amazing and active community of octonauts.


There’s quite alot of interest in what we mean by ‘Tentacles’ and it can be summed up pretty nicely in a single meme.

But more on that later…

Make America Eight Again #MA8A

With the upcoming election we figured we may as well have a little bit of OC’POTUS fun.

Because eight is better than great.

The tentacles are taking over the White House and our latest NFT giveway will be drawn October 22.

Coinbase page

Now you can stay up to date with the octopus directly from coinbase.

Just one of many integrations made possible by our recent inclusion with Kleros.

War on Rugs

OctoFi has been rug-pull proofed.

We locked approximately $2.3 million with our friends at Team Finance following their audit:

  1. 200,000 OCTO from Project Reserve locked for 1 year, with 25,000 streamed back in real-time to project over 6 months.
  2. Approx $300,000 OCTO-USDC and OCTO-ETH Uniswap liquidity locked for 1 year.

Niktopus Patentacles

After Nik Patel reached out to us recently on Twitter, we created an OIP to vote on whether the project reserve should fund one of his in-depth coin reports.

As per the OIP-8 proposal our community voted unanimously to proceed and offer to pay 100% OCTO, which Nik gladly accepted.

Looking forward to his 81,000+ followers learning about OctoFi.

Aquafarm 01.60 Release

This is our biggest update to app.octo.fi yet, with loads of new features, and some key components in place for our upcoming Tentacles beta.

  • Added Explore Tab (DeFi investment opportunities)
  • Explore: Top 5 Gainer Tokens (24h)
  • Explore: Top 5 Loser Tokens (24h)
  • Explore: Trending on Coingecko
  • Explore: Pools
  • Explore: TokenSets
  • Added History Tab (Still some display bugs, sorry)
  • Added Market Tab (Preparation for Octo Oracles Tentacles)
  • Added Buy Crypto Tab (Fiat on-ramp)

Check it out at app.octo.fi

Smart Contract and DApp Audits

Final thing to mention in this recap-topus is OIP-10 Audit for OctoFi DApp and Smart Contracts.

Voting is open until October 29 and as a community we can select our preferred audit firm to complete the work.

Details on pricing etc are provided to help you make your decision.

Until next time, come hang out with our community on Telegram.

Your frentacle,

Dr Octavius.

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Tentacles, the War on Rugs, and our biggest Aquafarm release yet!
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Tentacles, the War on Rugs, and our biggest Aquafarm release yet!