What if we wrapped everything into a browser extentacle?

What if we wrapped everything into a browser extentacle?

Update June 20, 2021: Development of the Browser Extension was placed on hold. Any extension claiming to be a part of OctoFi is a scam.

OctoFi is misunderstood…

Most people think we compete with other DeFi and NFT projects. When in actual fact, partnering with them (ALL OF THEM) makes much more sense. At the end of the day, we just want to make crypto easier and more rewarding.

Our all-in-one DeFi platform has seen many iterations since launching in October. We’ve worked really hard on building it (8 days a week). But building is the easy part.

What’s hard is getting users. Keeping them… Even harder!

So, what’s the solution?

Wrapping everything we’ve built into a browser extension to simplify user onboarding and retention. Plugins are sticky like tentacles. One-click install. Setup in a few simple steps.

Our platform will serve as a sandbox for innovation. An aquarium of sorts to showcase what we’ve been building. Alpha leaktopus of what’s been going on in the Octagon.

Code from our new connection flow (on app.octo.fi soon) will certainly find its way to our browser extension. As will cross-chain swaps, lower fees than the fox, support for various networks by default, and everything you’ve come to expect from a multi-chain wallet.

Platforms require loads of support and upkeep. Plus acquiring users is hard and keeping them is even harder. The browser extension will allow us to focus more on installs and mutually beneficial partnerships. Both fuelled by incentives.

Where to from here?

Here’s what to expect from us in the coming days and weeks:

  • Budget proposals to allocate additional developer funding and universal OCTO incentives program for holders and liquidity providers (thanks Kevin Feng).
  • More coverage from YouTubers like Crypto Wendy O and Satoshi Sean, as well as a dedicated educational series with our frentacle Josh Cross from DeFiNOW!
  • Additional comprehensive security audits of our products by Certik and Bramah along with improvements in response to their feedback.
  • Emergence of what each of the Octagon members have been working on, including more media coverage, exciting new partnerships, and much more.
  • New updates to our dApp and the imminent alpha release of our wallet.

Keep that finger on the octopulse.

What if we wrapped everything into a browser extentacle?
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What if we wrapped everything into a browser extentacle?