How's Moving Cross-chain? Finance in the Future!

How's Moving Cross-chain? Finance in the Future!

The future of finance is moving cross-chain and so we are thrilled to announce the arrival of OctoFi V4 which enables:

  • Multi-chain connectivity
  • Bridging between chains
  • Cross-chain swapping

But it goes much deeper than that. So grab your snorkel and let’s dive in…

☄️ Crypto’s meteoric rise

User activity within the DeFi and NFT spaces is growing insanely fast. In 2020, Ethereum settled $1 trillion. Now in 2021, it has already settled $1.5 trillion during Q1 alone.

As demand has skyrocketed, so have transaction fees and many users have taken advantage of cheaper options such as BSC, Polygon, Solana, and Fantom, among others.

Since our cashback mechanism applies to DeFi and NFT marketplaces across multiple blockchains, we’re uniquely positioned to benefit from the coming wave of adoption.

💸 Robust business model

We’ve chosen the battle tested affiliate model, where rather than competing with other projects, we can partner with them to earn a share of revenue as referral commissions.

OctoFi is to traders, what Lolli is to shoppers.

Honey, who were acquired by PayPal in 2019 for $4 billion, apply the same business model to ecommerce, as have Lolli.com who reward shoppers with Bitcoin cashbacks.

🔥 Loads of opportunity

We recently made the decision to focus on wrapping everything up into a browser extension wallet. Its potential as our core product moving forward is astounding.

Smart contract platforms will likely settle trillions of dollars in transactions each month, while protocols such as Aave, 1inch, Yearn (+ many more) already offer affiliate programs.

Benefits OctoFi MetaMask Honey
Valuation $20M $???M $4000M
Community owned?

Many more will follow, and as such, we feel the DeFi and NFT markets are ripe for a simple product, that captures referral commissions, directing the funds to users and token holders — cashback when you transact.

🚀 Making it happen

Our platform and the hard work that’s gone into it will help us fast-track the development of our wallet. So we’re wrapping everything up into a one-click install browser extension.

We are also expanding our team to ramp up development for our new wallet-centric roadmap that will be released soon. Marketing efforts will be directed at getting installs.

To accelerate our growth, we are launching long term LP farming rewards in partnership with 1inch in the coming days, as well as OCTO rewards for HODLers (details to come).

Frentacles, we invite you to join us in The Den to discuss what features you’d like to see added to our browser extension — new roadmap and release dates are on their way.

🐙 OctoFire it up!

How's Moving Cross-chain? Finance in the Future!
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How's Moving Cross-chain? Finance in the Future!