Development Recap For Dexember

Development Recap For Dexember

Hello fellow Octonauts,

It’s me Mr. OG, I’m back with great news and a recap of our DEXember development.

New features implemented in DEXember:

  1. Brand new 2.0 frontend
  2. Fiat off-ramp / on-ramp
  3. Smart Contracts are ready for our Uniswap LP incentive program
  4. New Wallet Overview (../account/wallet)
  5. NFT Marketplace
  6. Spot trading (Limit and Market Orders) (in testing)
  7. Lending and Borrowing aggregation (in testing)
  8. Lots of backend work to make our platform faster and stronger

And don’t forget the Dexember Recaptopus from Octavius.

I hope you are all happy with our progress, although we’ve had to move Derivatives/Futures Trading and Tokenset from DEXember into January (Happy New Yield), as we rely on an API that is hard to implement and not fully documented.

We are in close contact with our partner to make it happen as soon as possible. Everything else for January is already on schedule and we have some unmentioned items in our January roadmap, that will blow your mind when you see them.

You may notice 2.0 menu items have status indicators:

  • Green: live in production
  • Amber: testing in progress

These provide a real-time indication of when new features are introduced and subsequently go live for you to use. Keep an eye on these as we continue rolling out planned features and surprise additions.

In the meantime check everything for January in our roadmap and get ready for fee distribution to OCTO Holders.

January will also be the month where we introduce our 3.0 roadmap for the next 3 months (#Feebruary, #Marching , #Appril). There is a lot to be built in the future, to make OctoFi the destination for all things DeFi, completely owned by the community.

Best greetings and Happy New Year!

Mr. OG and the OctoFi Dev Team

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Development Recap For Dexember
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Development Recap For Dexember