Development Recap For No CEX November

Development Recap For No CEX November

Hello fellow Octonauts,

It’s me Mr. OG, I’m back with great news and a recap of our November development.

First of all, everything is working according to our roadmap and we are on schedule.

The #NoCexNovember sprint was for my developer team, a time of preparation and exploration, and that’s why we added several new features to our current DApp (app.octo.fi) to test out some new functions on production and tweak out several bugs, before launching it into our 2.0 version.

Let me recap our new features:

  1. Animation for Copy Button indication
  2. Added Ledger Wallet with select HD derivation path
  3. Adding of Portis, Torus and Coinbase Wallet
  4. Display Wallet Balance on Market pages
  5. Linking Asset overview with Market pages
  6. Function to withdraw pool liquidity
  7. Added Pool Searchbox
  8. Added Governance Searchbox
  9. Highlighted OctoFi Governance
  10. Added Fiat on-ramp for OCTO and other Token with over 10 Fiat currencies
  11. New Instant Swap with DEX aggregation (1inch, Uniswap, Oasis, Radar Relay, Kyber, Bancor, 0x, Airswap, Paraswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, XBlaster…)

You can always view our changelog at log.octo.fi for the latest releases.

Because our community is always looking for some more Fresh Tokens or degen plays, we will be adding them in the first week of #DEXember (ZAC, NOIA, DARK, sDARK, NFY, SSL, YFIEC, ZEFU, SFI, VOX, YRISE, YAX, GSWAP, API3…)

Now you might be asking…

“Hey OG, what is actually planned for #DEXember?”

I want to open up the Christmas gifts for you, but I’m a developer and don’t like lots of words, so here’s another recap:

  • Enabling of Fiat Gateway (USD / EUR / etc. to Crypto / OCTO)
  • Adding more instant swap pairs from CEX (Binance, HitBTC, Kucoin, ChangeNow)
  • First Version of our CEX competitor running directly under app.octo.fi with completed design (Basic and Advanced Trading)
  • Lending and Borrowing aggregation for Compound and Aave
  • Trading experience will be open for testing
  • Adding of Tokensets integration
  • Adding of market maker functions
  • Listing of new assets via our kleros.io integration
  • Combining all liquidity pools into one, for frictionless trading experience
  • Adding of NFT trading interface
  • Smart Contracts are ready for our LP incentive program (plus Audits)

Some scopes can change to January.

Special Thanks to Nathan, he has been a great open source contributor in the last few months.

Also thank you to all of you in our community, who are giving us valuable feedback every day. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Best greetings,

Mr. OG

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Development Recap For No CEX November
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Development Recap For No CEX November