Deep Dive into the Future, our Development Roadmap is here!

Deep Dive into the Future, our Development Roadmap is here!

Hey Octonauts,

Welcome to our first product development roadmap, providing you with an overview of our long term vision.

So far it has been an amazing journey during the last 30 days of development (yeah you heard right, just 30 days) and we’ve already achieved our original product goals.

Let’s recap first:

  • Feature allowing access to OCTO holders only
  • History tab to display all of your wallet’s transactions
  • TokenSet integration with investment opportunities
  • Integrating our Snapshot.Page governance into UI (by end of month)
  • Dark / light mode for those DeFi late nights
  • Explore tab
  • First Beta version of Oracle aggregation (Tentacles) as crypto market overview and price feed (by end of month)
  • Fiat on/off-ramp into DeFi
  • Pool aggregation (Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Bancor)
  • Dashboard to track your portfolio
  • And lots of other small things…

The so called “Aquafarm” and our original release of a DEX (some octonaut degens will remember it from bonding curve sale) served as a playground to explore ways to achieve our long term vision.

But, what is the long term vision?

So, young padawan, hold onto your tenties, it’s time we unveil our long term vision (or in terms of how octo devs work…next few months 😉).

As you know, our mission is to help you wrap YOUR tentacles around a sea of gains, with a little help from OUR oracles Tentacles.

By combining our exploration phase with our vision, we are building a DeFi platform with the user experience (UX) of one of the leading centralized exchanges (CEX), and creating a DEX that allows you to trade over liquidity pools from Uniswap, Kyber, Bancor, Oasis and 0x.

Including all of your market and limit order tools for the same (exactly the same) trading experience as at the top centralized exchanges.

We will add all the other DeFi investment opportunities like pools, tokensets, borrowing, lending, derivatives, and add the possibility to create DeFi trading strategies with an easy to use drag and drop interface, as well the option to run market making.

So onboarding newcomers to DeFi is seamless, we will have a fiat on/off ramp in cooperation with Ramp Network/Transak, giftcards/vouchers from Bitrefill, and locations of your nearest Bitcoin ATMs.

We will be leveraging our oracle aggregation research, to guarantee our users always receive the most accurate rates and market prices. This is the perfect initial application of our Tentacles project for incentivised oracle aggregators kept honest by community.

How about utility/value for $OCTO holders?

Because our community is everything to us, OCTO holders:

  • Will unlock exclusive advanced features (as tested with temporary full Aquafarm restriction)
  • Will be able to claim their respective share of trading fees on the platform with ALL trading fees/revenue in distributed in ETH
  • Will direct platform decisions via governance
  • Won’t need to pay fees for trading

Now some degens will be asking themselves where is my farming? Well, we’ve actually explored this question in detail, and the broader farming and staking concepts are unsustainable due to fatal design flaws.

Ask your self what is the value of some token, where you have to stake them, only to earn more tokens? For us, undeniable ponzi schemes are not building for the long term with sustainable incentives…

That’s why we are dedicated to actually building real value for our holders.

Let’s recap our Product Roadmap…

Q4 #NoCexNovember (Main Features)

  • First release of our frontend mockups for the upcoming interface
  • Aquafarm Update with TokenSets, Snapshot.Page aggregation, oracle beta
  • Lending and Borrowing aggregation for Compound and Aave
  • Fundamental development for final app.octo.fi platform release

Q4 #DEXember (Main Features)

  • First Version of our CEX competitor running directly under app.octo.fi with completed design (Basic and Advanced Trading)
  • Trading experience will be open for testing
  • Adding of derivatives trading
  • Adding of market maker functions
  • Listing of new assets via our kleros.io integration
  • Combining all liquidity pools into one, for frictionless trading experience
  • Adding of NFT trading interface (shoutout to community contributor Nathan)

Q1 2021 January (Main Features)

  • Trading fee sharing for OCTO holders
  • Drag and drop DeFi trading strategy builder (inspired by Furucombo)
  • Adding and exploration of bridges, gateways, and cross-chain swaps (BTC / EOS / TRON)
  • Mirrors of the platform to make deployment as decentralized as possible
  • Saving of config files, so you can always take your settings with you

More information will be released in due course.

All development will continue in accordance with our ethics and vision:

  • Completely open source development
  • Hosting via Github Pages (or other suitable decentralized or transparent hosting, where you can fully verify that we are not hiding anything and can easily audit the live version)
  • Full transparency with our development progress
  • We will always respect your privacy and will never track user data on any of our products where you connect with your wallet (even if there is no KYC, many DApps are are tracking, even without anonymization and are able to match your IP address with your wallet address)

Get ready to drop your CEX accounts and make a change. Actually get back to the roots and own your keys again.

Our development roadmap will be supported by an aggressive marketing plan to actually educate users to reconsider the broken CEX environment.

Have you got what it takes for the #NoCexNovember challenge?

Be ready to make waves.

Kind regards,

Dr. Octavius

PS: Octomask is not postponed we are still working on it, but will keep it as more of a side project, complementary to our core focus.

PPS: Those who take the time to understand this post benefit first, then in the coming days we will break it down into bitesize chunks with concise graphics and social media content.

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Deep Dive into the Future, our Development Roadmap is here!
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Deep Dive into the Future, our Development Roadmap is here!