Development and Marketing Priorities Q2-Q3

Development and Marketing Priorities Q2-Q3

Hi there Frentacles!

It’s been quite the month, and we want to thank those of you who stuck around. As per our last post, The Octagon is taking charge: What are the next steps for OctoFi?, OctoFi is fully driven by the Octagon now, with input coming from the community. In the previous post we shared with you some of our priorities moving forward so now we’re going to dive a little deeper.


As per our Doc’s farewell post, we plan to launch farming pools on 1INCH, SushiSwap and/or Pancakeswap upon going multi-chain. To kickstart liquidity Frentacles will earn rewards for taking part.

An Improved OctoFi Website

This is the first place people interact with OctoFi. It should be welcoming, easy to navigate, and free of any issues. Therefore, we prioritized fixing all issues with the site this past week and added a feature to improve our workflow in the Octagon.

  • Fixed the blank page, cacheing issue
  • Added ability for the Octagon to author blog posts (Sorry Doc, we’re able to author posts now too)
  • Fixed broken links
  • Improved link taxonomy to address orphaned pages
  • Removed filler content on some lesser known pages
  • Updated GitHub repository with readme and contributing documents to capture knowledge for managing and contributing to the site going forward

Improve dApp

As users dive deeper, they’ll want to learn how to get involved in defi with our dApp. Again, this should be welcoming, easy to navigate, and free of any issues. Additionally, it should have a clean UI that adheres to the OctoFi brand, be simple enough for new defi users, and be performant and advanced enough for the power users.

Recent Updates

These updates focused on improving the look of the dApp and fixing some of the bugs that caused the app to crash. These were outlined in our Changelog.

  • Update color theme
  • UI updates to modals, cards, tables
  • Fix duplicate data in homepage banner
  • Fix errors causing Invest Pools to crash
  • Fix layout and broken images for Fiat off ramp

Next Steps

General Improvements

  • Polish off existing design issues and improve UI
  • Revisit the navigation structure and verbiage
  • UX improvements for connecting and changing Networks and Wallets
  • Consolidate buy/swap pages
  • Allow users to use other networks in the dApp, instead of only Ethereum

Fee Distributions

  • Add snapshot details to the dashboard (how to participate, countdown timer, fees accrued, fees distributed, projected earnings) 100% of all platform fees are shared among OCTO token holders.
  • Explore BSC/Polygon for fee distributions to allow us to distribute fees to those users with small earnings, or otherwise enable them to accrue their fees to compound them.

Portfolio Management

  • Make the dashboard, wallet, and transaction history easier to find and use
  • Fix performance issues with the graph
  • Improve the UI to make it something you want to refresh all day

Wallet Extension

This will be put on hold for now until we can secure additional development resources. See the message below if you’re available to help.


As you can see this is quite the list of short and mid-term developments for you to expect. Our upcoming bi-weekly updates will allow you to keep track of our immediate priorities and developments.

We want you!

We’re looking for new enthusiastic community members that have what it takes to be a part of the Octagon. Are you available and willing to join the team?

Then send an email to Marco@Octo.Fi before May 28th, 12PM UTC with your experience and motivation. We’ll enable the community to vote and select two participants!

For all details and information about the Octagon, see the original Octagon applications thread in the Den.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to join us on Telegram or in the Den.

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Development and Marketing Priorities Q2-Q3
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Development and Marketing Priorities Q2-Q3