Public Testing of OctoFi DEX for Bonding Curve

Public Testing of OctoFi DEX for Bonding Curve

We have completed public testing of our DEX in preparation for our upcoming bonding curve sale. Please find the outcome below, which can serve well as a tutorial for those interested in participating.

Step 1: Go to buy.octo.fi

Step 2: Click on “Connect Wallet” in the top right corner and connect with your favourite wallet

Step 3: Now as you are connected to our DEX, you have to access your Wallet with “My Wallet”

Step 4: Unlock your USDC by clicking on the small 🔒 (padlock icon) and confirm via Metamask prompt.

Step 5: Go back to the main frontend and set your market order (or limited order if you are able to wait until the order is filled) - Buy OCTO and you are done

All trades are visible over etherscan “DEX trades” (Octonerd fact: we are utilizing 0x Protocol).


We have tested everything and set a high standard, as we plan to do so with all of our products. To check the first successful trade transactions go to: etherscan.io/tx/0x54ca4bdccf90950817c145e96e1d6400197d698805e8b2ec65b87ab26a2413e7

Bonding Curve Summary

  • Allocation of 125,000 OCTO for bonding curve sale
  • Equates to 15.625% of total supply with 800,000 hard cap
  • Starting 14 September 2020 at 00:00 UTC
  • Ending when allocation sold out
  • Initial price of $0.18
  • Accepting USDC

All official announcements will be made on our blog first and foremost. Following completion of the bonding curve, we will announce official commencement for the interest program earn.octo.fi with our Aquafarm. The program will run perpetually until the interest program allocation is exhausted.

In the leadup to the launch of the interest program we will publish official tutorials and user guides on the blog for those interested in participating.

🎉 Public sale complete

Full details of the Octoken bonding curve distribution and decentralized exchange allocation of the OCTO governance token are available here.

Best wishes from your Octonauts in the OctoLab.

Public Testing of OctoFi DEX for Bonding Curve
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Public Testing of OctoFi DEX for Bonding Curve