Farewell frentacles, you rocktopus!

Farewell frentacles, you rocktopus!

Frentacles of the Tentacult,

The time has come for us to part ways, in the name of decentralisation and true community ownership, to the benefit of the project, and in appreciation of all that you have done.

As co-founders, we decided from day one that OctoFi was to be bigger than us, separate from ourselves, and robust enough to take on a life of its own. Our hard work and dedication has taken the project from being laughed at, to being taken seriously, and with the funding and resources secured, the project’s future looks brighter than ever.

The Octagon members hold the keys to the castle, complete control over strategic direction, and direct access to well over $20 million, that if used thoughtfully, will take OctoFi to the moon. We wholeheartedly believe that together with the incredible community, the support of an extensive network, and the guidance of eight brilliant individuals, supported by an expert advisor, and a community secretary, that it’s time ‘Octavius’ and ‘OG’ no longer dictate the project’s direction.

We will be stepping away from OctoFi, at least in the day to day operational manner, to allow the project to flourish however the community sees fit. But rest assured, we are making ourselves available via email to provide advice to the Octagon as a neutral third party. We trust them to have complete autonomy in order to benefit the project, and themselves directly.

They’re already doing a wonderful job of operations without us including:

  • Development of browser extension and project management in Basecamp
  • Hiring new developer resources and managing marketing efforts
  • Establishing partnerships and coordinating listings

Our intention is for each of you, the community that made all of this possible, to have complete freedom to make OctoFi whatever you want it to be. Dream big, fund what excites you, bring in what you need, take out what you don’t, and know no bounds.

All we ask is that you abide by the Tentacult Manifesto’s eight guiding principles that give this project meaning. Here’s our suggested 8 point plan for the Octagon to take the lead:

  1. Publish browser extension wallet roadmap (now core focus of project)
  2. Expand development team with full time salaries (Darnboo as dev lead)
  3. Confirm OCTO on BSC and Polygon (bridged this week by AnySwap team)
  4. Launch 1inch/Sushi/Pancake pool farming on BSC/Poly (AK88 as marketing lead)
  5. Migrate fee distribution to BSC or Polygon paid in OCTO to reward HODLers
  6. Governance vote to replace inactive Octagon members (eg. Cameron) on May 28
  7. Release OctoFi Wallet browser extension private alpha to community this month
  8. Hold weekly meetings, focus on your skills, use treasury wisely, reach out for advice

We have personally funded doubling of salaries for Darnboo and AK88, and both CFow and Kevin Feng are on payroll too. We’d appreciate both of them being rewarded with seats in the Octagon.

Much love and respectopus,

Dr. Octavius and Mr. OG

…btw we’re the same person.

PS. If changes need to be made to the Gnosis Safe multisig signers, this guide demonstrates how to add, remove and replace owners of the safe. We’d recommend a community governance vote beforehand. The Octagon can reach us by email if salary streams need updating and so on.

Farewell frentacles, you rocktopus!
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Farewell frentacles, you rocktopus!