Happy New Yield AMA

Happy New Yield AMA


You may have seen The Tentacult Manifesto at yolo.octo.fi and wondered what it’s about?

Well, there’s a blog post coming shortly that dives deeper into what it means for OctoFi.

You may have also expected an AMA due to start in about 16 hours. We’ve rescheduled that to start next weekend.

🤔 But why, you ask?

We’ve got exciting plans to share with you, and based on questions we’re expecting, we’ve decided to make this next AMA a much bigger deal.

✅ Expect the following:

  1. Blog post that expands on The Tentacult Manifesto later today.
  2. Promo for the next week in anticipation of rescheduled AMA.
  3. Details ready for AMA to answer all your questions regarding:
  • platform fee structure,
  • additional roadmaps,
  • feature requests and support ticketing,
  • OCTO holder benefits/ranks/rewards,
  • applications opening for 8 council members for The Octagon,
  • and a series of governance votes.

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Happy New Yield AMA
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Happy New Yield AMA