Help make Feeburary unforgettopus

Help make Feeburary unforgettopus

Frentacles of the Tentacult,

Feebruary is upon us and we need your help. So let’s do a quick recaptopus.

New Release

We migrated app.octo.fi to simply octo.fi and deployed a major update. It’s cexy in the front and dexy in the back. But before we go inking ourselves…

A few things to consider:

  • Currently squashing some bugs
  • Reorganising and renaming stuff
  • Another app update in a few days
  • Documentation update in progress

So give us this week to get things in order. Then let’s go hard recruiting new users!

Yield (aqua)Farming

At time of writing there’s $858k staked at farm.octo.fi earning OCTO as LP rewards.

Send it to $888k right now because “branding” ok! We’re the NUMBER ONE farm on UniCrypt, with 122 farmers, and still 155% APY on offer.

Full details and a tutorial here for those interested.

Fee Distribution Snapshot

We recently voted on OIP-17 Platform Fees & Distribution with 100% in agreement. A total of 34 voters participated with a total of 31.78k OCTO. First fee distribution Snapshot was taken today, the 1st of Feebruary at 08:08:08 UTC.

The fee payout will take place at the end of month with another snapshot. Fees collected will be transferred to the official fee distribution wallet (0x73F2…ce85). But more on that soon.

Governance Voting

Although OIP-17 combined OIPs 14 and 16, the following are still open for voting:

In case you’re wondering, OIP stands for OctoFi Improvement Proposal.

Also Worth Mentioning

  • Messari Disclosures Registry application has been completed and the onboarding process is underway. You should really research what this means for us all.
  • CoinTelegraph have now asked us for comment on three separate articles and we have gladly provided our thoughts where possible.
  • Coingecko have finally granted us our “Decentralized Finance (DeFi)” tag on our profile, along with Yield Aggregator, Yield Farming, and Governance. Thanks frentacles!
  • Product Hunt launch for our completed 2.0 has been scheduled for this month. When we launched our 1.0 last year we got #5 Product of the Day. This time let’s make it to number one!
  • Publish0x featured an awesome article about OctoFi by Marco from our community. It was trending on the site and got us some great exposure and helped him get some great reach on Twitter!

How You Can Help

First a reminder we have 3 main web assets:

And with that in mind, we’d like to ask a favour:

  • Use OctoFi, then report bugs, or even make a feature request.
  • Translate anything of ours you’d like to, in our languages section, and let us know if your native tongue needs adding.
  • Open discussion threads on DeFi and crypto topics to help us improve our presence on search engines. If you need inspiration, try entering “DeFi” or “cryptocurrency” in answerthepublic.com!

Focus more time on these than Telegram and it will benefit the project and your tentacle bags.

That’s all I’ve got time for today.

Octo-n-out 👋

Help make Feeburary unforgettopus
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Help make Feeburary unforgettopus