Liquidity Provider (LP) rewards are HERE!

Liquidity Provider (LP) rewards are HERE!

Frentacles of the Tentacult,

Our LP Rewards Program is here! Now you can aquaFarm $OCTO by providing liquidity on Uniswap (OCTO-USDC) and staking your LP tokens. For the early birds, deposits are open NOW.


Here’s everything you need to know about the OctoFi LP Rewards Program:

  • Starts: 28 January 2021 8:08am UTC
  • Ends: 28 March 2021 8:08am UTC
  • Uniswap Pool: OCTO-USDC
  • Rewards: 2859.12 OCTO
  • Deposits: Open NOW
  • APY: 2490% (varies)

Times vary as based on Ethereum blocks. Start block 11743382. End block 12135228.


You must have equal parts OCTO and USDC before you begin.

1. Add liquidity to Uniswap

To earn LP rewards you must first add liquidity to the OCTO-USDC pool on Uniswap. If you’re not familiar with the process you can check our tutorial.

2. Stake LP tokens on UniCrypt

Start by visiting our OCTO Farm and accepting the welcome message. Then click on the “Farm OCTO” tile and click on “Connect your wallet”.

Select your preferred wallet and connect to it as normal, then click on the “Farm OCTO” tile again and you will see your UNIv2 tokens (LP tokens) available to stake. Click on the “Stake” button to proceed.

After the “Stake LP Tokens” modal window appears, click on the “Max” button to stake your entire LP token for the OCTO-USDC liquidity you provided on Uniswap.

Now click on the “Approve” button and approve the contract in your wallet, then once confirmed, click on the “Stake” button to complete staking of your LP tokens.

Once approved you will be able to see the OCTO-USDC liquidity you are staking, along with your share of the pool, and the options to add more liquidity or withdraw from staking.

3. Harvest OCTO

When you’ve earned rewards you will have the option to withdraw them. This initial program runs for 2 months, so give your aquafarm time to grow those tasty little tenties and withdraw your OCTO at the end of the program on March 28 at 8:08am UTC.

Please note: While farming you don’t get platform fees, but you’ll harvest some OCTO and also earn fees as a liquidity provider. Striking a balance during early stages of #Feebruary and beyond.

Wanna share our farm? You can use farm.octo.fi as short URL that takes you directly there.

It ain’t much, but it’s honest worktopus.

Kind regardacles,

Dr. Octavius

Liquidity Provider (LP) rewards are HERE!
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Liquidity Provider (LP) rewards are HERE!