This new release needs its own recaptopus

This new release needs its own recaptopus

Octo.Fi just had an update and v02.7.0 is live!

Go to the all in one DeFi platform and clear your cache to get the latest version.

Ctrl+Shift+R || Cmd+Shift+R

Check our changelog at log.octo.fi, but stick around for a guided tour. Follow along in another window if you like. You no longer need your wallet connected to browse all the features.

Before we dive in…

Quick recaptopus of other stuff going on:

  • Applications to The Octagon are still open at jobs.octo.fi and we’ve had some awesome submissions, from dedicated Octonauts, to a massively popular YouTuber!
  • Liquidity at eth.octo.fi has seen a huge increase and there’s already $1.43 million staked at farm.octo.fi with over 100% APY with over $900k still farming in usdc.octo.fi pool.
  • We got recognised by 0x Protocol as part of their ecosystem to their 180k+ Twitter followers, in the Investment Strategy category. OctoFi’s potential as a decentralized hedge fund?
  • Crypto Daily revealed that 11% of his portfolio is in $OCTO and Chico Crypto mentioned that OctoFi is one of his favourites… Nice!
  • We’ve release an Android Apptopus with pending submissions to various app stores. Can be downloaded and tested out now for those interested.

Time to get wet…

New Release ocTOURpus

Home Page

First thing to mention is we’ve reorganised the menu layout to be simpler and better prepared for what’s coming according to our roadmap.

The currencies sections is now labelled “Assets” and is fully functional. Search any coin available on CoinGecko and click through to see the individual asset page.

You’ll also find easy access to things such as community support, team updates, and all of our social media.


Major performance improvements for those looking to buy crypto with their credit cards or bank transfer.

Don’t forget that you can anonymously purchase gift cards and the 1% commission from Bitrefill goes to $OCTO holders. Great way to off-ramp to fiat (eg. Apple products hold value well for cash resale) with plenty more options to come.

Bitrefill’s API overhaul is nearing completion and buying from hundreds of retailers through OctoFi will soon be seamless.


Swaptopus is here aggregating loads of liquidity sources. But this is just the first version with plenty more on the way. Find the DEX with best price or even choose an accountless swap through a growing list of CEXs (more partner integrations in progress).

Uniswap is still a major focus and our feature set continues improving here. These will stick around as we continue merging with the Swaptopus to land on a seamless and unified swap experience.

Now you can easily adjust slippage tolerance, transaction deadline, and even assign a third party recipient for the swap.

This comes in handy for sending funds directly to cold storage following a trade for example. Plus we’ve made it easier to manage token lists and enable more than one at a time.

For the real degens apeing into projects not yet on a token list, we’ve included a simple way to keep track of custom tokens. These are stored locally in your browser when adding tokens by contract address.


You may notice that you can now sort lists by column, which is of course essential when looking for the best liquidity pools.

Same goes for loans when you’re looking to find the best APY for lending out your crypto deposits to protocols like AAVE.

We’re pulling in NFT markets and have loads of improvements on the way to help you analyse collectibles and their trading histories. Don’t forget that buys and sells through OctoFi attract a 2.5% commission from OpenSea for $OCTO holders!


As mentioned earlier, sorting by columns has arrived for a number of tools and certainly proves useful when navigating the crypto market rankings as shown.

Instant search now works without that pesky pagination that would prevent you from finding coins outside the “top whatever” you had loaded. Makes getting to profiles for individual coins much easier!

You can toggle on/off the different timeframes, or hover to only highlight one, get access to all your key information, and even buy/sell directly from the profiles.

Wrapping Up

At the beginning of this post the link to our changelog was shared. To see the rest of the updates I haven’t covered here, check out log.octo.fi.

Thanks for stopping by OctoFi frentacle, welcome to the tentacult.


This new release needs its own recaptopus
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This new release needs its own recaptopus