The Octagon Applications NOW OPEN

The Octagon Applications NOW OPEN

Dear Frentacles,

Have you done your $OCTO research? Can you add value beyond what’s on our roadmap? Does our Tentacult Manifesto resonate with you? And of course, do you bring salt and pepper to the table?

If you answered yes to all the above, then we invite you to apply for one of eight seats at The Octagon, a council of dedicated Octonauts tasked with helping OctoFi fulfil its vision.

Please read the full details provided here before applying. It’s essential that you understand what we are looking for and that you’re familiar with the awesome salary and benefits on offer.

Summary of benefits:

  • Get news for OctoFi before everyone else
  • Admin rights for the Telegram group
  • Access to closed group with Octavius and OG
  • Access to council@octo.fi email account
  • Multi-signature project reserve key holder
  • Streamed salary of 30 OCTO per month

Summary of requirements:

  • Active on social media and chat
  • Free time, passion, salt and pepper
  • Skills in one of the following: Marketing & PR, Software Development, Project Management, Social Media Influence, Business Development, Visual Arts & Design.

Once you’re ready, go to jobs.octo.fi to apply.

Applications close Feb 28 at 8:08 UTC.

Yours truly,

The Tentacult.

The Octagon Applications NOW OPEN
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The Octagon Applications NOW OPEN