The Octagon council election STARTS NOW

The Octagon council election STARTS NOW

Two weeks ago we opened applications for The Octagon in order to find eight council members tasked with helping OctoFi fulfil its vision.

The response was HUGE with 88(ish) applicants! After many hours of deliberation we are thrilled to announce those who’ve been shortlisted. Over the next eight days you’ll have the opportunity to do the following:

  1. Review the shortlisted applicants summarised below.
  2. Have a discussion with them on this Tweet thread.
  3. Decide on your favourite and cast your vote here!

Rather than sharing the thousands of words of submissions, we are opening the floor to shortlisted applicants to explain why they deserve a seat at the table. So don’t forget to ask questions on Twitter on the relevant tweets in the thread.

Let’s dive in (no particular order)…


Cameron (Crypto Daily)





Steven Octoast





#### CFow


Youngest Finance

  • Position: Social Media Influence
  • Telegram: @yceo1
  • Twitter: @YCEO97

Nathan J

Tony Zhou



David (Burr Scurr)

What comes next?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, we are hosting an open discussion with applicants on this tweet thread. Please join us in learning more about those in the running for The Octagon to help OctoFi fulfil its vision!

If you’re wondering what’s in it for elected council members then read this blog post.

Summary of benefits:

  • Get news for OctoFi before everyone else
  • Admin rights for the Telegram group
  • Access to closed group with Octavius and OG
  • Access to council@octo.fi email account
  • Multi-signature project reserve key holder
  • Streamed salary of 30 OCTO per month

Your frentacles of the tentacult,

Dr. Octavius and Mr. OG

The Octagon council election STARTS NOW
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The Octagon council election STARTS NOW