OCTO-USDC Liquidity Provider rewards are back!

OCTO-USDC Liquidity Provider rewards are back!

Following up on our successful Liquidity Provider (LP) mining program, we’re happy to announce that OCTO-USDC farming is back! You can aquaFarm $OCTO by providing liquidity on Uniswap (OCTO-USDC) and staking your LP tokens via Unicrypt. Early birds can stake their LP tokens right now!


Here’s everything you need to know about the OctoFi LP Rewards Program:

  • Starts: 8 April 2021 8:08am UTC
  • Ends: 8 June 2021 2021 8:08am UTC
  • Uniswap Pool: OCTO-USDC
  • Rewards: 2859.12 OCTO
  • Deposits: Open NOW
  • APY: 5782% (varies)

Times vary as based on Ethereum blocks. Start block 12198410. End block 12603830.


1. Add liquidity to Uniswap

In order to receive LP mining rewards, you’ll need to provide liquidity on the OCTO-USDC pool on Uniswap. A tutorial on how to do so can be found here.

2. Stake LP tokens on UniCrypt

Once liquidity has been provided, you’ll need to stake your tokens on Unicrypt. A step-by-step tutorial can also be found here.

3. Harvest OCTO

You can harvest your $OCTO rewards at any time by clicking “Harvest” on the pool. While LP tokens can also be withdrawn at any time, the pool will run for 2 full months, which will give all token holders the opportunity to earn inky rewards for a long time until the program ends on

When you’ve earned rewards you will have the option to withdraw them. This initial program runs for 2 months, so give your aquafarm time to grow those tasty little tenties and withdraw your OCTO at the end of the program.

Please note: While farming you don’t get platform fees, but you’ll harvest some OCTO and also earn fees as a liquidity provider.

More news and incentive programs of all kinds are coming, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

Kind regardacles,

Dr. Octavius

OCTO-USDC Liquidity Provider rewards are back!
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OCTO-USDC Liquidity Provider rewards are back!