Brace Yourselves, OCTObrrr is coming...

Brace Yourselves, OCTObrrr is coming...

OctoFi is a community driven project that relies on grassroots promotion from a passionate community of octonauts. Since day one, we’ve been very fortunate to have struck a chord with a cohort of early adopters.

We’ve committed to setting a strong community-driven precedent, from going to DAO votes for liquidity provisions, to having the community decide on what features should be added to Aquafarm.

Which by the way, is evolving into our brand new platform coming to app.octo.fi for aggregating DeFi opportunities and providing a homebase for the Tentacles project.


You may have seen the “hashtag OCTObrrr” meme getting around and be wondering what it’s all about. So let’s take a look at #OCTObrrr, our month-long OctoFest to celebrate the OCTOber arrival of app.octo.fi!

You may be aware already that the OctoFi team is just one octopus, between us we’ve got 8 limbs. While we bring plenty of salt and pepper to the table, we’ve been in awe of the community and the organic growth it has seen since launching only 11 days ago.

The above festival poster isn’t just for plastering on walls, it’s something we’ve crafted to make getting the word out easier for octonauts. Let’s dive in.


Do Your Octopus Research

Although #OCTObrrr is already garnering some attention, it’s very important that we guide newcomers to the best resources. Whether you prefer Tentacle Analysis, or Fundamentacles, our documentation site at docs.octo.fi is the best place to start.

Don’t let your friends go full FOMO (Fear Of Missing Octopus), make sure they do their own research, and remember, Squidward is actually an octopus.

On a serious note, when someone asks about $OCTO, give them this link, it’s the best place to start.


Buy Tentacles For DeFi

Once a NOOB (New Octopus On Board) has understood the basics, it’s time they get familiar with decentralized finance oracles tentacles.

While this may seem quite a foreign concept, it can be very easily explained and will be made much more obvious with the app.octo.fi arrival this OCTOber.

Our platform will aggregate DeFi opportunities for octonaut holders, provide an array of incentives, bring together different networks (🐙 OctoMask?), and serve as an interface for our upcoming Tentacles infrastructure project.

The octo.fi homepage is our roadmap. Make sure you click your mouse to make Octo Cursor go BRRR!


Hold Octopus, Don’t Let-go.

Voting in DAOctopus community governance is an essential skill to wrap your tentacles around. Thanks to Snapshot, Octoken holders benefit from off-chain gasless multi-governance voting.

In short, helping decide on the future of OctoFi requires tokens in your connected wallet, but there’s no gas fees and no cost whatsoever, for easy to verify and hard to contest results.

Even if you’re staking the minimum 100 OCTO in our interest program for 6 months to qualify for the 100 OCTO airdrop, it’s strongly advised that you keep plenty spare for voting.

You are ALL the octopus, we just build its tentacles.

Random OctoNerd fact: we were the first outside contributors to the Snapshot documentation, this pull request was merged and is now live as the ‘create a proposal’ article on their docs site.


Ok, back to the main event… Let’s celebrate $OCTO #BRRR like Chads and show those who OctoFUD that a community-led project can evolve into the kind of Tentacles that Dr Octavius has been cooking up in his lab.

But where to start? Well don’t you worry young tentie, we’ve got you covered. Just head over to the Promotional Resources page on our documentation site, and stretch those tentacles far and wide.

If you have a marketing proposal for OctoFi, please be aware that Project Reserve funds do not get moved without a community governance vote.

PS. None of this is Finantacle Advice. DYOR.

Brace Yourselves, OCTObrrr is coming...
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Brace Yourselves, OCTObrrr is coming...