The month of OCTOBRRR is finally here!

The month of OCTOBRRR is finally here!

The long awaited month of $OCTO #BRRR is upon us! Let’s take a look at what October has in store for octonauts.

First of all, we were FEATURED on Product Hunt, meaning we’ve made it to the home page! And then we ended up getting #5 Product of the Day!! If you like what we’re doing, you’re welcome to upvote.

OctoFi - DeFi dashboard for decentralized finance tentacles | Product Hunt

Why PH? Well… we’ve just dropped a brand new product! We deployed our DeFi Dashboard for decentralized finance oracles tentacles to app.octo.fi. We appreciate your patience with this initial release, and please keep in mind it’s a work in progress . We are still squashing bugs, completing the rollout of new features, and creating a wonderful experience that octonauts can get used to!

We want to help you track your DeFi portfolio, find new investment opportunities, buy and sell directly, and wrap your tentacles around a sea of gains. Keep it simple. Bring salt and pepper to the table.

After we’ve finalised the dashboard, we’ll turn our focus to building Tentacles. The new dapp will serve as homebase for our incentivised oracle platform too!

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed our first ever Non-Fungible Tentacle (NFT) doing the rounds (don’t forget to enter the giveaway). Every OctoFi NFT will be limited to a minting of eight, and we are doing eight giveaways throughout October.

The community recently voted to allocate 20,000 USDC toward CEX listings. We’ve been in contact with quite a few and have taken care to complete applications with the reputable ones. OIP-7 allows you to vote on which exchange you’d like to launch with first.

October’s schedule is packed full with updates to app.octo.fi and we will be publishing a bunch of new blog posts exploring the features and future plans. All these new additions will go toward improving our documentation site too.

DeFi Dasboard Roadmap (OctoFest)

  • Adding Lending (Compound, Cream, Aave, Maker)
  • Adding TokenSet
  • Adding PoolTogether
  • Top Gainers & Losers
  • Adding liquidity to Uniswap with OCTO incentives
  • More… This is just the beginning!

If you’re wondering what these additional features are, you can take a look at the GitHub repo for the new dapp. There’s a brief list of what’s coming, along with mention of OctoMask, something else we’ll be unveiling this month.

As always, we are committed to accountability and will be releasing the 3rd Aquarium transparency report. There’s also plans for an AMA so that we can answer all your burning questions.

There’s plenty more planned but only so much time to blog about it. So stay tuned, check in on Tentavision every so often at tv.octo.fi, and look forward to us sharing our plans for the rest of 2020 towards the end of the month.

In the meantime, we’re gonna be making some noise and stretching our tentacles out far and wide. So if any frentacles come asking about the ocotpus, give them this:

PS. None of this is Finantacle Advice. Do Your Octopus Research #DYOR.

The month of OCTOBRRR is finally here!
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The month of OCTOBRRR is finally here!