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Memes, Merch, Streams, Updates, Listings, and More!

Here’s something new. Quick and to the point updates, packed full of the good stuff. Let’s get right into it…

Aquafarm Latest Release 01.50.0

Restricted access to OCTO holders only, dark / light mode switch, change wallet connection and logout buttons, prepare TokenSet integration, Octobase and History preparation, various npm package updates.

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OIP-9 Lock Project Reserve

Voting is now open to decide on how we can make OctoFi ‘rug-pull proof’ by implementing a solution and giving the community peace of mind.

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Sablier Integration

Now you can stream $OCTO in real time from any address to another. We’ve put the integration to good use by streaming the community founder reward to @pepethefirst.

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We’ve been well received by the PH community, having already made it to #5 Product of the Day when we launched our dashboard, but things just keep getting better!

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Hotbit Listed OCTO

As a special gift to the community, to get things rolling and dip our tentacles into the deep blue CeFi, the team pooled together some personal funds to get listed along with a comprehensive promo package.

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Aquarium Transparency Report 003

As always we file detailed reports of all transactional activity relating to project funds on our documentation site.

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Dedicated Memes Website

We have been so impressed with the community’s memes that we wanted to collect them and put them on display. We’ve also been playing around with the idea of making our memes into NFTs and directing any proceeds from their sale back into the community.

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Decentralized Fashion Tentacles

Merchandise is coming for DeFi, tentacles and all. The store isn’t yet accepting orders, but we are in discussions with an active octonaut to take it on and make it completely community-run. You’ll be able to pay with ETH, USDC, and of course OCTO. The store is also decentralized, running on IPFS with the purposebuilt platform from Origin Protocol.

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Kleros Tokens Curated List Inclusion

If you are not sure what Kleros is all about, we highly recommend you read this article of theirs to understand what opportunities this inclusion opens up for OCTO in future.

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More updates soon…

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Dr Octavius.

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