OCTO x BLANK partnership: The Tentacult grows bigger!

OCTO x BLANK partnership: The Tentacult grows bigger!

Frentacles of the Tentacult, we have some exciting news to share with you. OctoFi has partnered with Blank Wallet, a user-driven project that focuses on solving some of the biggest issues in DeFi by providing privacy features to its users.

This partnership will give our users an additional web3.0 wallet connection in which they can leverage these features while enjoying our all-in-one DeFi platform.

It doesn’t end there, of course. The BLANK team knows that OctoFi is all about rewarding the community, so they have pledged $10,000 worth of BLANK tokens to be distributed to OCTO holders through our reward distribution system.

Once the Blank wallet is released, you’ll be able to collect your reward by using their wallet and interacting with their privacy features. The Blank team believes privacy should be something you opt-out of and not the other way around. As so, this partnership aligns not only with our business model, but with our Manifesto:

5. SAY NO TO SURVEILLANCE: There is no need nor monetary incentive to productise our users and therefore we shall not track them. If we are to democratize the digital realm we shan’t exploit the people who comprise it. We all have a right to privacy and in everything we do we shall honor it.

We’ve also decided to team up with BLANK on the tech side. We’ll be reviewing the Blank Wallet code and providing as much helpful feedback as we can. We will also trial test the alpha product.

If you want to learn more about Blank, visit their website, and make sure to follow them on Twitter. Not only do they love privacy like us, they’re also “keeping the meme alive”!

We have many more partnerships lined up so stay tuned for those and don’t forget to AquaFarm your OCTO!

OCTO x BLANK partnership: The Tentacult grows bigger!
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OCTO x BLANK partnership: The Tentacult grows bigger!