Simple Breakdown of the OctoFi Project Roadmap

Simple Breakdown of the OctoFi Project Roadmap

Last updated 17 Sep 20

Open source software projects with distributed teams are complex beasts with many dependencies, asynchronous communications, and endless moving parts.

In order to clearly demonstrate what’s planned for OctoFi, we’ve decided to provide a simple breakdown of the project roadmap, and set a precedent for clarity and transparency.


The homepage serves as a roadmap of sorts, with a series of projects that encompass the OctoFi ecosystem and its rollout. But in between major milestones such as Octoken, Aquafarm, and Tentacles, there are smaller but equally important deliverables.

This post aims to demonstrate what lies ahead (at time of writing) and very simply distill relevant information into different formats. This should hopefully ensure that the community remain on the same page as development, get involved with DAO at our Snapshot Page, and that everything of importance is captured clearly and concisely.


The below table is a very simple roadmap. Further information and links available further down the page.

Please note the progress bars are estimations made by us devevelopers upon each commit we push to the GitHub repositories.

Project Progress Release
Octoken 100% complete ACTIVE
DAOctopus 100% complete ACTIVE
DEX/CEX 70% complete ACTIVE
Aquafarm 60% complete ACTIVE
Aquarium 60% complete IN PROGRESS
Tentacles 40% complete IN PROGRESS

Octoken: Bonding curve sale for the $OCTO governance token took place on 14 September 2020 at 00:00 UTC as explained here at buy.octo.fi

Aquafarm: Interest program rewarding $OCTO governance token holders locking their octokens for runtimes detailed here will operate at earn.octo.fi from 15 September 2020

DEX/CEX: Decentralized and centralized exchange listings will occur on an ongoing basis from 15 September 2020 and beyond as enquiries are made

DAOctopus: Community governance voting and other transparency measures will commence on our Snapshot Page at dao.octo.fi from 15 September 2020

Aquarium: Detailed transparency report will be published on 03 October 2020 and cover topics such as use of funds, bonding curve sale results, project reserve funding, and more

Tentacles: Our core oracle tentacle project for the DeFi ecosystem, will go into alpha release on 01 November 2020 and is feedback submission is open to $OCTO governance token holders

🎉 Public sale complete


If you’d share the below festival style poster of our roadmap in messages and on social media, it would be greatly appreciated.

Simple Breakdown of the OctoFi Project Roadmap
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Simple Breakdown of the OctoFi Project Roadmap