Development Roadmap


  • Project transitions to being run by the Octagon
  • Fee Distribution for May and June
  • dApp UI/UX improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements


  • Improvements to Dashboard and Wallet
  • Add platform data: Total Volume, TVL, Total TXs, Fees accumulated, Platform transparency dashboard
  • Improvements for CrossChain trades/swaps


  • Hopefully L2 options like Optimism if live
  • Manage addresses offline
  • OTC On-Chain Swap Solution (Escrow)
  • Browser extension wallet with cashbacks

✅ COMPLETE Q2 May 2021

  • Founders hand over the keys to the Octagon

✅ COMPLETE Q2 April 2021

  • Add crypto off-ramp Gold / Cars / Watches / Travel / Charity Donation / Fiat / P2P
  • CrossChain Swap and Bridges
  • Multi-chain connectivity

✅ COMPLETE Q1 #Marching 2021

  • Launchpad (Decentralized VC)
  • Improved Ledger Wallet integration
  • Added new Exchange to Aggregator Changenow
  • Dark mode by default
  • Aggregator price refresh
  • Added new Exchange to Aggregator Sideshift
  • Dashboard charts for ERC20 Tokens and better analysis

✅ COMPLETE Q1 #Feebruary 2021

  • Android App
  • Make all pages visible without connecting to a wallet (CEX feeling, look before try)
  • Testing and go-live spot trading (limit + market)
  • APY shown alongside each pool
  • Adding multi-language support
  • Distribution of platform fees
  • Preparation of spot trading section for OVM (Optimistic Rollup L2)

✅ COMPLETE Q1 #HappyNewYield 2021

  • LP rewards launch with partner
  • Testing and go-live lend / borrow aggregation
  • Deploy and launch LP rewards smart contract
  • Final prep of fee sharing for OCTO holders
  • Release new 3.0 roadmap and decentralization plan
  • Exploration of bridges, gateways, and cross-chain swaps

✅ COMPLETE Q4 #DEXember 2020

  • First Version of our CEX competitor running directly under app.octo.fi with completed design (Basic and Advanced Trading)
  • Trading experience will be open for testing
  • Listing of new assets via our kleros.io integration
  • Combining all liquidity pools into one, for frictionless trading experience
  • Adding of NFT trading interface (shoutout to community contributor Nathan)
  • Brand new 2.0 frontend
  • Fiat off-ramp / on-ramp
  • Smart Contracts for Uniswap LP incentive program
  • OCTO token smart contract audit by Solidity
  • First ever OCTO holder fee distribution in USDC

✅ COMPLETE Q4 #NoCexNovember 2020

  • First release of our frontend mockups for the upcoming interface
  • Major update with Snapshot aggregation, oracle beta, liquidity pool withdrawals
  • Ledger HD derivation, Portis, Torus, and Coinbase Wallet
  • Instant search for Pools, Governance, and UX improvements
  • Fiat on-ramp for OCTO and other tokens with over 10 fiat currencies
  • Instant Swap with DEX aggregation (1inch, Uniswap, Oasis, Radar Relay, Kyber, Bancor, 0x, Airswap, Paraswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, XBlaster…)
  • Fundamental development for final app.octo.fi platform release

✅ COMPLETE (app.octo.fi)

  • Feature allowing access to OCTO holders only
  • History tab to display all of your wallet’s transactions
  • TokenSet integration with investment opportunities (by end of month)
  • Integrating our Snapshot.Page governance into UI (by end of month)
  • Dark / light mode for those DeFi late nights
  • Explore tab
  • First Beta version of Oracle aggregation (Tentacles) as crypto market overview and price feed (by end of month)
  • Fiat on/off-ramp into DeFi
  • Pool aggregation (Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Bancor)
  • Dashboard to track your portfolio
  • And lots of other small things…