Finding Frentacles

Finding Frentacles

This is the Octagon with a new blog post. As communicated in our previous blog post, in which we highlighted our current development priorities, we mentioned we’d enable the community to vote for new Octagon members.

After strong consideration, we’ve decided to change things a bit. In a way we feel benefits the community and project. Here’s the why & how:

Reflecting on challenges & opportunities

The Octagon has existed for a couple of months now. Where initially it was meant to be an extension of Doc. & OG to further accelerate development, exposure and growth, it turned into leadership roles fully powering the project.

We’ve been as transparent as possible throughout the road and aim to make continued improvements in communication.

Having let go of RN & Cameron opened our eyes. We realized that rather than just adding bodies, it would first be very helpful to identify which voids still exist within the Octagon before filling their slots. The Octagon is limited to 8 members and it’s incredibly important the right people are filling the right slots to move forward, without having major voids or double positions in which there’s freeloaders so to speak.

Filling the first void

Throughout the past couple of weeks we identified our first void, or rather a community member that provided strength. Strength for both the Octagon and community in a time of chaos and restructuring.

We’re talking about our Frentacle and secretary CFow.

CFow has been taking care of Community management and our social media channels for the past couple of weeks & has already been on our payroll. It’s been a pleasure working together and he’s been a long-term OctoFi community member & user.

We’d love to onboard him closer to be able to work even more transparently and effectively, and would therefore suggest he fills one out of two Octagon slots.

We feel this would be a good fit the community is aligned with as well. Though, we do want to keep it a community-driven project and would therefore like to hear if anyone is opposed to adding CFow to the Octagon.

We’d be happy to discuss this publicly in the Den to come to a mutual decision the majority of the community feels comfortable with.

Filling the second void

We’ve also gone through the other email applications we received throughout this past week. While we do feel there are a couple of solid entries, we’d like the community’s opinion on the following:

To prevent making the same mistakes, we’d like to request the community to allow for the Octagon to work together and make progress throughout the rest of May and June, to identify which role is still missing and needs to be filled within the Octagon.

This enables us to identify and communicate best which type of member we’re still looking for, to then hopefully attract long-term OctoFi enthusiasts with the right skillset to apply to the Octagon.


We’re very excited about the recent progress and are happy to have restructured and be able to move forward effectively. We appreciate the continued support and interest in the journey to make OctoFi your all-in-one DeFi platform!

Please share your thoughts and feedback with us, whether you are happy with the current developments or have additional ideas or opportunities! This enables us to best shape OctoFi.

You, Frentacles, are and will always be the heart of this project!

Finding Frentacles
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Finding Frentacles