Introducing The Tentacult Manifesto

Introducing The Tentacult Manifesto

Today we are announcing “The Tentacult Manifesto” in anticipation of the road ahead. You’ll find it below (also published here), followed by a summary of what it means for OctoFi moving forward.

The Tentacult Manifesto

OctoFi exists because of eight guiding principles. Without them we lose sight of the cypherpunk ethos that birthed a grassroots movement in pursuit of decentralization.

We are witnessing the change we all set out to make. So consider this a pledge to see that change through.


All of our software is open source and verifiable, and it always will be. We don’t ask that you blindly trust our word or anyone else’s. Only that you verify our work and hold us accountable.


Our community breathe life into the project. They share thoughts, opinions, and feedback. We shall always listen to them, treat them with respect, and foster an environment where they can flourish, and in turn they will help us grow.


Those who are willing to learn should be given the tools to do so. We shall share our knowledge with them and give without expectation. Newcomers should feel empowered, not intimidated.


Integrity is the holy grail. Without it we are irrelevant and unworthy. We shall dedicate ourselves to transparency in order to provide everyone with ample opportunities to verify. We reside on a truth machine and know very well that those who lie are split in two.


There is no need nor monetary incentive to productise our users and therefore we shall not track them. If we are to democratize the digital realm we shan’t exploit the people who comprise it. We all have a right to privacy and in everything we do we shall honor it.


This isn’t Wall St, there isn’t a boardroom, and no way in hell are we in suit and tie. Just because finance is something serious doesn’t mean we should take ourselves seriously. While memes make us happy, they’re also a stream of consciousness, and the best tool for spreading ideas that has ever been at our disposal. Use them plenty. Use them well.


Social movements like this don’t even come once in a lifetime. They’re multi generational, and unlike others before, decentralization is a movement of unprecedented magnitude. So with community in mind, our project belongs to its holders, and only they will reap its rewards.


You don’t need a team to trust. You need to verify their work. This movement is permissionless and trust was never part of the equation. We shall dedicate ourselves to exercising these eight principles, to empower others to participate how was always intended – as autonomous individuals, sovereign from the broken system before us.

So, what next?

Now you’re familiar with our guiding principles, prepare for our upcoming AMA on January 16 at 8pm UTC. Countdown here and topics below…

The next release is coming, with a sleek design update, bug fixes, new features, performance improvements, and more.

A series of updated roadmaps pertaining to value capture for OCTO holders with exclusive rewards, access to new product features, exclusive access to private sales, and fee structures detailing the 100% of platform fees allocated to holders and distributed as ETH or stablecoins (governance votes to follow).

Unified community-centric platform that combines team communications, product documentation, developer resources, governance discussion, support portal, educational content, feature requests, community contributions, and user onboarding, into one seamless experience powered by all of us, with no technical experience required. This is likely an industry first and is intended to foster DeFi ecosystem growth and frictionless, scalable onboarding for newcomers.

The Octagon will be announced with details on how to apply as one of 8 council members, and how the consortium will function as part of our complete decentralization plan. This major milestone will highlight the importance of our earlier integrations such as Kleros, Sablier and soon Gnosis, and break new ground in decentralized ownership and governance.

Fireworks and light show in Decentraland follow the AMA thanks to Southern Light, who Octavius has loaned his four parcel estate to, in support of their launch event (OctoFi billboards on display).

We are also expanding on these extra curricular promotional activities with the development of OctoPepe as a playable character in TokenFighter, a commitment to transparency with the Messari Registry, a Product Hunt launch for OctoFi 2.0 with the upcoming sleek new look, and even some exciting new fiat off-ramp integrations.

You don’t want to miss this AMA and all of the huge news that’s coming with it. Make sure you go to the CoinMarketCap event page and add it to your calendar.

PS. Think about what this manifesto means to you, get yourself a Decentraland avatar set up (for after the AMA), and start preparing the questions you want answered.

See you there.

Introducing The Tentacult Manifesto
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Introducing The Tentacult Manifesto